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Products > Sauna Spa series > > Luxurious LED Music Spa Capsule
Product name : Luxurious LED Music Spa Capsule
Item : AF-W011
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 1. Ozone sterilization;
  2. Spectrum therapy;
  3. Infrared Therapy;
  4. Herbal steam;
  5. Aroma steam;
  6. Spray shower;
  7. Shower;
  8. Sauna;


1. Ozone sterilization: The full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees the user
safety and sanitation.
2. Spectrum therapy: Four different spectral therapies of red, yellow, blue and green
providethe efficacy of reducing the stress and relaxing and improving the skin condition
for the human body from the medical aspect.
3. Far Infrared Therapy: By using the hot wave light, directly it can stimulate the
skin in depth to accelerate fat burning, thus achieving the goal of weight loss and
4.1 Sauna bath of steam: With such effects as skin-pore opening, toxin expelling and
skin care.It is useful for body adjustment, anti-aging, skin beautification. weight loss
and body building.
4.2. Herbal steam : It enables the ideal integration of plant extract and human
body.Using with Chinese herbal medicine .it may also help complete the physical therapy
for cure.
4.3 Aroma steam : with essential oil applied, it creates a fragrant atmosphere,which
may relax both your body and mind .And enable bath you to recover from fatigue and full of
5. Bubble bath and surfing: Contains high oxygen and fine bubble water flow, 34
degrees help relax muscles.
6.Vichy shower:water column can effective into every inch of skin ,making it more
flexiable.depend on your choose,you can have local or systemic circulation spray shower.
7.Shower bath: All aspects of cleaning and washing every inch of skin.
8.DVD and LED control panel,easy to operation,customer can enjoy the radio or DVD when
doing spa.The special SPA music enables you relax your body and recover from fatigue,while
listening to the melody.
9.Facial negative ion breeze: Cool breeze is directly blown to your face to reduce it
temperature,keeping your head in cool and fresh environment at any time







 Voltage  110V/220V
 G.W 185KG
 Power  56W


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