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Products > Sauna Spa series > > Herbal Steam Spa Capsule
Product name : Herbal Steam Spa Capsule
Item : AF-W012
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Applications :
Negative ion breeze
Sterilizing system with ozone
Dry steam ozone cabinet
Thermal energy therapy
Fragrance therapy
Colored light therapy
Anion breeze therapy
Ultraviolet sterilizing system
Music therapy: Special SPA music makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally
Voltage: 220 or 110V
Power: 1800W
Time:10-60min adjust
Internal Temperature: 20-60℃
Dimensions: 1500 x 710 x 1250mm2
Human outcrop type design, more comfortable for the patients
Unique mode of absorption, fully eliminate the side effects of medicine
Imported ABS acrylic shell, more beautiful and more durable,
Freely adjust the height of the seat, easily control everything
Full digital LED button, accurately set temperature and time ,save your time
Microcomputer automatic cleaning and automatic sterilization function, provide your with health space


1. Negative ion breeze.
2. Wettest steam sauna.
3. Ozone bacteria killing.
4. Body spectrum treatment.
5. Digital control.
6. Musical therapy (optional).

Suggested courses:Overall whitening, Cream massage, ease heating therapy, weight-losing, and fat-melting.
Performance voltage: 220V-240V/110V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum performance current: 7A
Maximum power: 1500W
Average power consuming: 800W/h (20 environment)
Package size: 88*113*150cm

Suitable groups:People of all ages except heart sufferers and diabetes sufferers.

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