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Product name : Eye&facial care machine
Item : AF-F08b
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Produced by the Germany latest beauty eyes technology, use micro electrical impulses, carrier frequency
electric, Polar RF, Ultra-low temperature control the four functions to do the miniature eye surgery,
and through the mechanotherapy, air compression therapy, thermal therapy, magnet therapy the
four physical therapy to do the completely eye restoration and remission. Wake up the
sleeping eye cells thoroughly, reorganize the deranged eye fiber, discharge the pigment,
recover the aging and dry skin, various eye bag, hydroncus, black eye, blood
with eye thoroughly, return you charm eyes.


1.Repair before surgery: eye is the most weakest part of human body, so when doing surgery on the
people, must let him get enough relax, the magic eye mask can alleviate
eye fatigue rapidly, relieve stress and make the eye into complete relaxation state through
the mechanotherapy, air compression therapy, thermal therapy, magnet therapy
the four physical therapy.

2.Fixed-point through: under the impulses, produce the electric shock hole on the lipid layer of cells,
make the hydrophilic molecules which originally can’t be absorbed by cells
penetrate into the inside of cells. Open the water pipeline of cell membrane,
penetrate the cell membrane, promote loop through folliculus, suboriferous, cuticle; and
dredge the channels and blood vessels, preparing for the next work well.

3.Intelligent repair: under the polar RF, the damaged cell receive the enough repair and increase
the speed of blood looping and the quantity of producing oxgen of blood, make the
blood capillary of fat tissues absorb heat, promote the collagen being produced rapidly,
so that the elastic fiber recombined, tighten the skin around eyes remodel the eyes outline.

4. Intelligent rest :lock the damaged cells instantly, make the cells be rest state and not participate
the reproduction of newborn cells, enhance the capacity of born itself of the
health cells, promote the metabolism of health cells, activate the cells and supply
the skin of nutrients rapidly.

5.Activate completely: under the carrier frequency electric, aging and baby cells grow insanely,
the cell wall drop quickly, and nucleus divide rapidly, and producing baby
cells, and it grow quickly to make up the vacancy, make the skin more full.


1. Eye care

Eliminate the black eye, pouch and fine lines, relieve eye dropsy, relieve eye fatigue, dispel eye
blood streak, restore eye vision, and sculpture the eye outline.

2. Reform and improvment of facial skin

1) Oiliness, big pores, thick cuticle,
Purify the skin, eliminate the needless cutin
Refine the pores, discompose the oil and fat, smooth and tighten the pores, recover the bright and soft skin.
2) The skin color sinks darkly, fatigue, pallor, dropsy
Active oxygen skin, accelerate absorbing oxygen and hydrogen, improve the looping stumme.
3) Mature, sticky, hydropenia, wrinkles, dry
Lift and tighten sticky sarcoplasm, supply water deeply, stimulate the production of collagen.
Renew the sarcoplasm, stimulate the intracellular membrane, accelerate the division and regeneration, and recover
the young skin state.

Package  Including:
No.       Item        Quantity
1    Eye bar            2 Pieces
2    DK sleep head    1 Piece
3     DH fix head      1 Piece
4    Active head         1 Piece
5    DK acupuncture    1 Piece
6    Instruction          1 Piece
7    Mainframe         1 Set
8    Power wire        1 Piece

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