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Products > Sauna Spa series > > vertical solarium machine ,tanning machine
Product name : vertical solarium machine ,tanning machine
Item : AF-W025
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- Advantages and main application:

1. Sun-tanned skin made you vigorous, much stronger and responsible.
2. Brightness of sunlight improves your thin and quick consiousness and your mood get positive and active.
3. Sunlight promote abodorption of calcium, raise moving nerve and make your muscle much stronger.
4. Accelerate vitamin D to come being and abosorption of calcium, enhancing bone and teeth.
5. Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is good for enhancing immumity and
preventing diseases.
6.The ray of sunlight accelerate the secretion of hormony which is related with various physiological actives.
7.Promote thesecretionof serotoin, the elimination of uscle fat igue and mental fatigue.
8. Sun shower warm makes body temperature high and burn up redun dant fat and calories, it helps actives skin and effective for losing weight. 





1) Operating Voltage: 220V-240V/110V
2) Rated Power: 9.2 KW
3) Amperage: 15A
4) Quantity of lamps: 48 pcs
5) Power of Lamps: 180W
6) Ballasts: 100W Electronic
7) Net weight: 135kg
8) Time system: digital timer
9) Max. Exposure Time: 24 minutes
10) Size: 120*110*235cm


1) Main set * 1 pcs
2) Power cord * 1 pcs
3) Instruction Manual * 1 pcs



1) 1 pcs/carton

2) Qty/20 GP:8 pcs

3) Qty/40GP:18 pcs


4) Qty/40HQ:21 pcs

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